. Casino Security
. VIP Protection
. Cash Escort
. Property Protection
. Basic Fire Fighting
. Radio Voice Procedures
Unskilled Worker
1. General Worker
2. Construction Workers
3. Packers/ Loaders
4. Cleaners
Message from M.D.

When the question of hiring competent and hard-working workers arises, the answer is simply the Nepalese youths who have been established as painstaking and sincere workers in different countries.

The trend of hiring Nepalese workers by the foreign companies, especially the Gulf countries has not only benefited the companies and the workers in terms of remittance but also helped to further enhance the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The Titanic Manpower Supplier (TMS), Nepal is one among the several manpower supplying agencies in Nepal to prove to be one of the most reliable recruitment companies since its establishment in 2002, notwithstanding the hindrances coming its way.

In the last six years, the TMS has maintained its prominence in this field with the objective of supplying right man at the right place.

Surendra K.C.
Managing Director
Titanic Manpower Supplier (P) Ltd.

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